Embroidery painting

Embroidery painting bunch of orchids

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This painting is made to order 

Material: 100% natural silk

Dimension: 23.5 x 33.2 inch

Frame: not frame include

We accept order for all images, sizes which made of natural silk.

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These Vietnamese embroidery paintings are bought directly from the experienced  artists in the traditional villages of Vietnam where they are made. Each piece takes a great deal of time to complete.

Our large Vietnamese embroidery paintings for example may take over one month for a single artist to finish. We hand pick only the most beautiful natural silk embroidery artwork having the highest thread count, the most exquisite colors and meeting strict quality standards.

Many of our customers were first looking for Oriental cross stitch, Chinese embroidery or Japanese needlework when they discovered our site.

These cross stitch paintings are not made by painting the colors on the canvas, but by stitching the colorful silk threads on the canvas. They are high quality with vibrant pictures and delicate shades made by fine threads with high density.

The process of making embroidery painting requires the artists’ patience and talent. In the painting, the artist uses a paintbrush with different colors to make a picture.

In hand embroidery, the artists gently and carefully select each tiny thread with different colors and shades. The work requires much more patience than in painting and sculpting. It is even harder in the 3-dimension hand embroidery.

The surface of the picture is raised up at different levels to the need to make picture like real. For the scenes like sky in the sunset or the water flow on the river, the finest threads make the paintings natural and give them an harmony touch with nature. This unique technique makes vietnamese embroidery paintings beautiful and original.

1 review for Embroidery painting bunch of orchids

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